City and Colour

I saw you at ACL (Weekend 1) and I was more impressed with your act than any other that I saw that weekend. I hope that you come back to Austin again soon, you fit in quite nicely here.

P.S. Leave your denim jacket at home next time. They're too hot to wear outside in the sun. I sure would hate to see you have a heat stroke. #ZilkerPark

City and Colour responded on 06/21/2017

Sorry its taken so long to reply - thanks for the kind words. i'll be sure to pass it on to Dallas.

also - we're Canadian. We live in Denim! haha.

As a heads up, City and Colour will be returning to Austin later this summer. They will be playing Stubb's on August 29. You can find more info here:

Tricia (Bedlam Management)

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